Telugu Typing ANU FONTS v 7.0 Software Installation Notes for Windows Versions

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Run "setup" from Anu Fonts CD.
Restart the computer.
Connect the Anu fonts USB key.

1. Insert Anu Fonts CD.
2. Run "setup" from the Anu Fonts CD.
3. Follow the instructions while the installation continues.
4. Restart the computer after the installation is completed.
5. Connect the Anu Fonts “Key” to any one of your computer’s USB ports.
6. Follow the Keyboard charts for typing in your applications.

Note: We suggest to restart the computer befor starting uninstallation.


Select "uninstall" from "Start" menu.

          Start> Programs > Anu Script Manager > Uninstall


Run unins000

          C:> AnuSM > unins000


Uninstall Anu Script Manager using "Add/Remove programmes".

          Start> Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove programmes
1. Click on the button "Convert Old Text" of the "Anu Script Manager" window.
2. Conversion window will open.
3. Copy the text from your old file.
4. Paste into the TOP window of the Conversion Window.
5. Press on "Convert!" button.
6. Converted text will appear in the BOTTOM window.
7. Copy the converted text from the BOTTOM window.
8. Paste it back in your old file.
9. Use clear button for the next conversion.

Important Notes - 1

Postscript fonts can be installed only if ATM (Adobe Script Manager) is present in your computer.
Please check if the ATM is already installed on your computer.
If ATM  is not installed on your compute, install ATM before installing Anu Fonts.

Windows xp: 
Windows xp with service pack 2 does not require ATM. Postscript fonts can be installed without ATM.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 :
Windows Vista and Windows 7 require ATM version 4.1 or higher.

Windows Vista and Windows 7 (64bit) :
ATM won't install on Windows Vista (64bit) and Windows 7(64bit)
Install postscript fonts manually form the path : C:\AnuSM\Postscript Fonts to install
Select all the fonts fonts from this folder and copy into C:Windows\Fonts
Important Notes - 2

Changing keyboards and Languages  

in Windows Vista & Windows 7:

Telugu "Apple” keybaord is usually the default keyboard.
In most of the applications like Pagemaker 6.5, Mircrosoft Word etc.  you can choose the other keyboards and languages through “Anu Script Manager” window.
In some applications like Indesign CS3 and Corel Draw 14, keyboard does not change even if you choose other keyboards through "Anu Script Manager" window.
To use other languages and keyboards, replace the files (anukb.key & anutemp.tmp) which you can find at the location C: \  Windows \ System 32  as follows: 

                 Source (copy from)        : C: \ AnuSM \ Vista_Windows 7 Keyboards \ 
                 Destination (paste into)  : C: \  Windows \ System 32   

                                     (click 'OK' when asked for replacing the existing files)
Important Notes - 3

Special instructions for "Windows Vista_Truetype fonts"

Step 1:  Run setup (CD \ Setup for Vista \ Truetype \ setup.exe)
This setup installs every thing except True type fonts. True type fonts are to be installed manually.
Step 2:  Copy all fonts from AnuSM and paste into fonts folder
Copy from : C: \ AnuSM \ ttf
                         Paste into : C: \ Windows\fonts
Step 3: Restart the computer.
Step 4: Connect USB key.

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